Our agency reshapes product design

We break the codes of product design, to create the innovations of tomorrow.


Our values

Our mission is to build the most innovative physical products, by reconciling industrial design and state-of-the-art engineering.

After many years of work in the field of product design, we felt we needed to bridge the gap between industrial design and engineering. Yucca lab gathers talents from both worlds, to create a unique approach for product design.

Our designs are feasible from day one. We do not tolerate designs that are impossible to make, and push simple and elegant concepts, that are compatible with modern technologies and production methods.

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Sustainable design is the root of our ideas

At Yucca lab, we work hard to create a more sustainable world; a world that takes climate issues into consideration before creating products. Our designs are sustainable, and we favour local productions, that promote short supply chains.

We stay close to your teams

We work hand in hand with your technical teams. We are convinced that to create breakthrough innovations, we need to avoid the opaque way a traditional design office operates. Our consultants integrate thoroughly with your organization, to work in synergy with you.

Simplicity, first and foremost

Our design process relies on clear foundations that create robust concepts for our creations. We believe that a product with tons of features will lack accuracy in most of them ; at Yucca lab, we focus on the essential to create products that are simple to manufacture, and last many years.

User centric

Through our designs, we always put the end user on a pedestal. We focus first on the product usage, because a successful product is one that people want to use, without any friction whatsoever. At the end of the day, we always aim at creating the next flagship product for your brand.

Learn by doing

To build flawless products, one has to start small, tu validate basic concepts before aiming for more ambitious goals. We build prototypes as soon as possible, to identify any issue and get rid of design flaws before they occur on a production line.

Design from anywhere

Our agency is decentralized. We work from anywhere in France, and select talented profiles according to their skills, rather than the place they live.

We prove everyday that this world is connected, and can operate remotely in an efficient fashion. Our experts travel to anywhere in France and abroad, as soon as an assembly phase is required.

Working with Yucca lab means fewer business lunches, and more tasks delivered on time.

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We stay close to you

We are based in several sites in France, to stay close to our clients.

Our motto is design, test, iterate. To do so, we need to stay close to your team and your R&D site; our experts come to you, wherever you are based.

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Our founders

Camille Kerbaul, CEO

With a degree in engineering for health from Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Camille started his career in Boston, at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering (Harvard), where he became passionate about innovative and cross-discipline projects that gather doctors, biologists and engineers. He then discovered deep techs by joining the team at Dreem.

In 2021, he started Yucca lab, our agency of experts, to bring the most ambitious projects to life.

Martin Herrera, COO

Martin was trained at École polytechnique and ETH Zürich, with majors in mechanics and fundamental physics. He specialized in R&D operations and biomedical sensors at Dreem for the first years of his career.

He joined Yucca lab in January 2022, to optimize our industrialization processes and lead the R&D operations performed for our clients.