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Discover our work process, tailored to your hardware needs from design to mass manufacturing.

Our building process: comprehensive steps for complex hardware products

Hardware manufacturing used to be a tedious and risky venture; we say not any more.

We have split the process into key steps, reducing the risk and accelerating your time to market. We never compromise on testing and validation, to build rock-solid sustainable solutions that just work.

Our ideas become your IP

You own the ingenious ideas we bring to life for you.

Train your teams with us

In the long run, you won’t need costly agencies. We train your teams along the way, so you can keep knowledge internally.

Agile hardware building

Prototype, test, repeat is our motto; we don’t stop until we reach perfection.

We stick with you, until the very end

The same people for the same project is the only way to success.

We get our hands dirty

The hardest challenges bring the best ideas out of us. Come with a really tough one, and we’ll be the perfect match.

Strengthen your product ideas with our tailored programs

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