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Design & Ideation

Industrial Design

We strive to create smart, unique, and intuitive solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on people and the world around them. As a result, our designs fit better into people’s lives in ways that are useful, beautiful and meaningful.

Our thoughtful process ensures products are beautifully and deliberately designed, engineered, manufactured, packaged, and branded.

• Comparative analysis
• Consumer interviews
• Lifestyle persona analysis
• Color, material and finish
• Design thinking
• Industrial design
• UI & UX design
• Packaging design
• Product development
• Concept visualization
• 3D rendering
• Physical model making
• Material & detail specification
• Sustainable design
product design

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Product specifications

Prior to writing your spec sheets, Yucca lab brings you up to speed with some key analysis:

• State-of the art products and applicable norms
• Competition and existing patents
• Ergonomics study
• Customer discovery (consumer profile, needs, etc)
product specifications


Creative process

Our team of designers works hands in hands with our mechanical engineers, to create innovative and feasible concepts. Manufacturability is at the core of our ideation process; so is the user experience.

Our fast prototyping experience enables us to build mockups, test and iterate in order to meet specifications and create an ergonomic design, tailored to its users' needs.

product specifications


From sketch to prototype

We make promising concepts come to life, with the most advanced 3D modelling tools and cosmetic prototyping techniques.

This key step elevates your product and enables to validate its shapes, materials, colors and textures, before committing to the engineering phase.

product specifications