Our mechanical experts serve your most ambitious projects

We design, build and manufacture your hardware products.


Mechanical Engineering

Yucca lab specializes in developing smart, elegant, and robust mechanical concepts to solve complex engineering problems.

Our collaborative approach to innovation ensures a smooth transition from design to production. We create the product architecture that supports innovative forms, implementing novel mechanisms and efficiencies wherever possible.

• UX engineering & optimization
• 3D design CAD
• IP creation
• Technology integration
• Cost optimization
• Manufacturing & tooling strategy
• Mechanism design
• Tight component packaging
• Mechanical product architecture
• Structural design
• Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
mechanical engineering

Mechanical and industrial design for your product


Technical audit

We evaluate your product maturity and identify the most adapted design and industrialization strategies.

In just a few days, you will receive a detailed list of recommendations, before an industrialization cycle can be kick-started. During this phase, we also provide an estimation of your industrial roadmap.

technical audit


Mechanical design

Our experienced mechanical engineers deal with your most ambitious designs. We work side by side with electronics design offices, and deliver parametric and robust models.

mechanical design


A source for innovation

Create breakthrough innovations with us. We design patentable innovations, that bring your projects to the next level.

Creating tailored unique solutions for every challenge is our motto. The innovations we provide give you a competitive advantage, even on the long run.