Prototype, test, iterate

Our iterative process for your hardware.



We believe in hands-on iterations: perfection can only be achieved with extensive prototyping and testing process every step of the way. Everything we create is designed & engineered by doing.

We make the most of this back-and-forth conversation between design and prototypes, creating an iterative process in which each tool reveals new opportunities and problems to explore and further refine.

• 3D printing
• Rapid prototyping
• CNC machining
• Laser cutting
• Smart textiles integration
• Wearable assembly
• Assembly & refinement
• Prototype vendor management
• Cosmetic model

Validate your product features

Our agile process enables a quick testing of industrial concepts: it only takes a few days for a full iterative cycle.



As the first essential basis for feedback collection, the demonstrator enables user testing and sharply embodies our ideas.

This POC (Proof Of Concept) or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) validates the key technical features of your solution.


Cosmetic model

The cosmetic model terminates any reliable design phase. We use advanced cosmetic modelling techniques to create a high fidelity mockup; it is essential to validate shapes, colors, materials and finish.


Functional prototype

Industrial design and technical features meet within the functional prototype. It embodies most of the product features, while speaking a designer's language.

At Yucca lab, we question the industrial feasibility at the earliest: the functional prototype is also a good opportunity to address the integration and assembly challenges.


We work with the most advanced technologies to build our prototypes. We use a broad spectrum technologies, including 3D printing (SLA, SLS, MJF, polyjet...), rapid CNC machining or vacuum casting, to create high fidelity models and quickly tackle all engineering challenges.

3D printing

3D printing

Laser cutting

Laser cutting

CNC machining

CNC machining

Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting