Activate your mass production

We ramp-up your production, until its full capacity.



Your products are unique, and they all need to be flawless. We have gathered years of field experience which we leverage on the production line with our industrial partners.

Manufacturing is a tedious process, and we are relentless: we can’t stop pushing, until the result exceeds our expectations.

• Request for Quotation (RFQ)
• Prescan testing
• Supplier sourcing
• EMS relationship management
• Production management
• Product optimization
• Quality management & inspection
• Production planning
• Ramp-up & mass production
production line

The highest quality grade for your production



We take you on the DFM (Design For Manufacturing), DFA (Design For Assembly) and DTC (Design To Cost) journey, to reduce manufacturing costs, simplify the assembly and ensure the highest quality finish for all parts.



Industrialization strategy

Whatever your production size, we help you choose the best industrialization strategy with respect to your forecast and cost of goods sold (COGS).

• Material selection
• Finish quality
• Production strategy
• Partner selection
industrialization strategy


Supplier Management

We come at the interface with suppliers, we lead the development of fabrication tooling and we install a rigorous quality control process.

We produce the necessary documentation for all industrialization phases (EVT, DVT, PVT).

• PRD (Product Requirements Document)
• 3D model
• 2D quality drawings
• BOM (Bill Of Materials)
• OBA (Out of the Box Acceptancy)
• CMF (Color Material Finish)
• Assembly documentation
supplier management



The product certification ensures the stability of fabrication, with respect to performance criteria that are defined in the desired norm.

With a specialty in medical devices for many years, our team can walk you through the most tedious certifications, such as ISO 13485 or the CE marking.